One of the proudest traditions on the SA forums is our annual visit to the Nightmares Fear Factory, a haunted house type thing in Niagra Falls where people do conga lines in the dark until something scary happens right as their picture is taken. It's surprisingly funny to see the range of expressions people have mid-shock, from grimacing fear to shocking fearlessness to "clearly wants to have sex with the scary thing" and many shades of bizarre in between, and the SA forums have long used these pics as fodder for our Halloween fun! For anybody curious, the people are afraid of a car, apparently. Don't ask (no really, don't, it's incredibly passe now!)

Our source images this year have been curated by the spooky/delicious Canned Panda, who picked out some real gems!

Linux Pirate starts us off with a fusion of the past and present! The young woman's face is from this same feature over a decade ago- not creepy that you remember her so firmly at all, goons! Not creepy at all!

Kharmakazy has read a book or seven in their day.

Mammal Sauce has seen a movie or ninety in their day.

Double Agent keeps his two-foot knives in his eight-inch wrists, somehow. Checking his watch must hurt.

Captain Violence is at the 20. They're at the 10! No one will catch them!

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