From: lithus
Subject: Final Fantasy X review.

To whome it may concern.
I recently read a FFX review by one of your staff. My first question is, Where in the hell, do you get these people? It's obvious this person(s) never even played the game, because he/she has almost all the facts completely backwards. The reviewer candidly refers to FFX ripping off the "Moggle" from Harry Potter, when in Fact, Harry Potter came to be after the FF series. Other false statements saying are as follows, just to name a few...

1. Tidus is a summoner-mage. No he is not, there is only one playable summoner-mage, thats Yuna.
2. You have a picture of "Tidus" in this review, yet is a caption below it saying it is Rikku of the Al Bhed. False
3. As far as Tidus' "foster Father Aaron...Wrong, it's Auron, the name is Auron.
4.In Wakka's brief description, it states he uses a Huge sword. Wrong again, Wakka use's various forms of Blitzballs as weapons.
5.Lool? No, it's Lulu, her name is Lulu. And she is not Yuna's older sister, she is her friend and guardian.

The inconsitencies and false comments are not only that, but It's obvious the person writing this review is already biased towards this game and its genre. Reviewers should always write objectively. I don't frequent this site, I merely read about this review at GameFaq's and how absurd it was. I had to come see for myself...and I see they are right, this site is both unprofessional and unresearched. Helpful hint fella's, the reviewer should have actually played the game before writing any review, as well as be completely objective. The reviews are obviously half-assed.

A first time and last time reader and contributer to this site


PS: Ironically enough, your site title is right on point, or rather it's pointing out your own hypocricy. trully something awful.

Ha ha, our website is "trully something awful!" Get it? Because our website is named "Something Awful" and "~jim" was saying that our website, named "Something Awful," is actually "something awful!" Do you understand the magnitude and brilliance of this joke? This original and clever insult could only come from the keyboard of Jesus Christ Himself! We are now proceeding to print out 3,000 copies of this email and eat them all in a futile attempt to have even .0000001% of the raw wit of "~jim"! People who send in flame email messages are always so smart and creative, we should just print out "~jim"s email message and make a book out of it. Then it would be made into a motion picture. Then it would have six cartoon and comic book spinoffs. Thank you very much, Internet!

Although we're still trying to cope with the intensity of "~jim"s stunning intellect, I think we should proceed to the next flame, one which is short and... well, it's just short.


Most of your reveiw is totally wrong.

Well that sure sucks! We figured all of the review was totally wrong, then you had to come by and drop this ticking timebomb on our collective heads! How will we ever be able to live with ourselves? I'll tell you how: narcotics.

Let's go back and get a second opinion from one of those star-studded individuals who go into further depth regarding the many factual errors and inconsistencies in our review. You know, because I get the impression that most of the review was totally wrong and such.

From: Dariush Shafa
Subject: Final Fantasy X review

Dear Reviewer,

I must say that I am thoroughly disgusted by the review of Final Fantasy X. Your recounting and description of the game was so flawed, that I can't begin to describe how angry it made me. First of all, the name of the world is SPIRA, not Spiral. The world was not even remotely technological except at the very beginning of the game before it regressed over the thousand-year period that stretched between Tidus' time in Zanarkand and when he was released from Sin's grip. The picture that is said to be Rikku is actually Tidus. Tidus was NOT a summoner-mage, whatever that is. He became a GUARDIAN only after meeting and falling in love with Yuna. AURON, not Aaron was NOT Tidus' adopted father, but merely a friend of Tidus father JECHT (not Jack), and he didn't thrust him through a magic portal. That was the monster Sin itself. Sin was NOT the reaper of souls. The Japanese don't even have a grim reaper. Rikku was NOT a cyborg, and was highly skilled WITH technical things but not with magic and natural things. Wakka did not have a sword. He carried a ball as a weapon. LULU, not Lool, was not Yuna's sister. And she didn't have a ghost as a weapon. It was a doll. Chappu, the man who almost married her, Wakka's brother, was not lost at sea. He was killed by Sin. Yuna's father BRASKA, not Bruce was a man who called the Aeons. Jecht became his final Aeon, thought to be the only way of defeating Sin. The final Aeon ends up killing its summoner, in this case Braska, and Jecht, who was the final aeon, became Sin against his will. It wasn't some rulership thing. Auron was not crippled in the left hand. He died after returning to the being that made Jecht the final aeon for Braska. The only reason he was still around, is that in the game, people die, and then they must be sent. If a person is not sent, they wander around, possibly becoming a monster. Auron did not. His love of good was too strong. Sin came back through time to attack Zanarkand because he was still Jecht on some level, and he wanted his son to stop what he'd become. Rikku cannot steal life, although she can steal items.

All in all, your review was so disgustingly flawed, it should not have even been posted. I suggest you give a nice pink slip to the writer of this piece of trash.

Angered at the poor writing and fact gathering of this piece
Dariush Shafa



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