From: LoneWolf
Subject: ICP aren't the problem, it's brainless people writing about them .....

To whom it may concern,

Please at least try to do one thing. If you are going to (attempt to) write a story, at least get someone competant enough to spell words correctly and use them in their correct context.

I quote:

"Aside from the aforementioned blatant plagiarism of style from Eminem, Insane Clown Posse tries in vain to write all their music for mainstream fans. Whereas Eminem takes a stance of antiestablishmentism, ICP are more than happy to attempt whatever it takes to get on the radio, make more fans, and thereby make more money."

Antiestablishmentism?? Please!

A quick trip to www.dictionary .com would have told the author that antiestablishmentism does not exist, indeed is not even a word in the english language. Perhaps you meant "antidisestablishmentarianism" which would sound more likely.

Just to save you a trip to (you would probably have spelt it incorrectly anyway) would tell you that antidisestablishmentarianism means :

"Properly, opposition to the disestablishment of the Church of England, but popularly cited as an example of a long word.” Catching the irony here?

Idiots! I think that was your credibility that just flew past me and out the window.

Hey spelling champ, you misspelled "competant" when you wrote "at least get someone competant enough to spell words correctly and use them in their correct context." As for us "catching the irony here," oh yes, trust us, we definitely get the irony. I just don't think it's what you originally intended, that's all.

One of my favorite emails comes up next, a fine piece of work submitted by an upstanding young man named "{--..rAiSeD FiSt..--/}" which is Hebrew for "He Who Eats Paste."

From: {--..rAiSeD FiSt..--/}
Subject: FAGGOTS

whoaever the fuck wrote that shit doesnt know shit. if you want to bash icp and make emenim look good than try uesing real informatiuon not bullshit you just made up why do you have to do that ill tell you because icp fuckin eat shit like eminem for breakfast. eminems a fuckin homo poof why else does he already make fun of them all the time? he just wont admit it and maybe you should admit the fact you just made shit up.


HIS the one who sold out so fukin stop bashing icp and there production is fuckin excellent they could be #1 if they want but they wont fukin sell out or bertay their hardcorps roots like fuckin pop fags.

i guesss you dont get a lot of visitor because nobody would look at ur shit more than one time (somethingAWFUL all right!!!) so im going to warn you that if you ever post shitlike that again ESPESICLLY ABOUT ICP i will FUCKIN POST IT ON ALL THE BOARDS and yur gonna look fuckin stupid instead of me just telling you to shut the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you fuckin die

Oh shit man, {--..rAiSeD FiSt..--/} is going to make us "look fucking stupid!" And then we're going to die! Or perhaps we'll die before we look stupid and {--..rAiSeD FiSt..--/} runs the mortuary we'll be shipped off to and he'll pose our bodies in just ridiculous positions so it looks like we're touching another dead gay guy's butt! Oh wouldn't that be crazy! And yes, once again we were ZINGED on a GRAND SCALE!!! "somethingAWFUL all right!!!" just hurts us. I mean, it really stings inside, like when we have heartburn and try to sedate it by drinking a can full of live hornets.

Subject: (no subject)

you are a fag.. it's true.. it's true

Excellent point!

Moving on, we are treated to yet another deep and meaningful comment from a self-confessed "Juggalo for life" named "SUKNoxiousKilla." Incredibly enough, he is an AOL user! What are the odds?

Subject: great article

your a fuckin idiot you cant even spell half the shit in the article you fuckin homos get a real fuckin job instead of sitting on your fat fuckin ass typing bullshit into a computer LOL


Juggalo for life!

"LOL" is right, my dear friend! Why do we spend time typing bullshit into a computer when we could instead spend our time typing bullshit flame emails into a computer? I sure hope the Juggalos for Life Committee approves of this course of action!

Hang tight folks, as the AOL train is still moving through. Please don't stare directly into the AOL train, as you may suffer irreparable damage.

Subject: The ICP review...

This is a joke, right? I mean, the pure irony alone behind this "review" being completely ignorant on a something calling itself "Truth Reviews" is, at best, laughable within itself. At worst, whoever wrote this review is nothing more than a candy-coated moron. There's no way this can be real. Three hours of research went into this "review" and not a bit of truth is laced within the words printed. It can't be real. It's gotta be a joke, right?

Dear AOL,

Please don't let anybody use your service. Ever.

Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka

Karen Huttis is up at bat next, proving that the Internet has just as many brain damaged females as it does males. This is a scary thought when you begin to consider there's a possibility male and female ICP fans could conceivably hook up at a concert and, oh God, produce tiny new ICP fans who inherit their parents' inability to follow rational thought. Hopefully they're too stupid to procreate.

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