~*~ BYOB ~*~
Reppin': concerned mom

What should I draw? - Plucky simp 'Dinotles' caters to the every whim of the illiterati through a complex system of symbols and pictures culminating in what Gollum would look like with the ring of power on his cock.

I think if you were a mage you could make a good joke if someone said - The best jokes never die. Also the worst jokes sometimes refuse to give up the ghost. Thanks to everyone who kept on reminding '53504' that abortions can't be left with the page 2 trash.

post pictures of girls eating (goldmine attempt) - 'Marge' kicks things off with a fantastic starter image. Any forums shaman worth his salt would be able to predict great things. Indeed. Quite possibly Not work Safe because girls are gross.

hey byob lets draw batman - Some jerk 'Fragmaster' jumps on the Heath Ledger train to 5-town. Some excellent contributions to be found, including this rare gem:

Also possibly not-work safe if your boss objects to cartoon penises spraying bat explosions in bathtubs of blood. Apart from that, kosher.

Unbelievable : I just mutilated a newborns genitalswith the state-of-the-ar - 'pp' posts a thread from the utmost tower of his laboratory researching the latest posting techniques.

Interest check: The World's First Ever Carbon-Neutral GoonMeet: - The world's first carbon-neutral Goonmeet sounds like an ambitious plan. Luckily life-coaching mogul 'Russ' has all the solutions and more. Quickly dissolves in to discussions about the very nature of comedy. Fascinating and deep.

~*~ Ask / Tell ~*~
Reppin': Elbonio

Tell me about Walt Disney World!. Forbidden secrets of the mouse kingdom are reverently whispered to fellow travellers. You won't find a map to Walt's frozen head but you will find out where to get an awesome Pluto autograph.

Ask me about Section Hiking 1/3 of the Appalachian Trail is also known as "I am an outdoorsman and I have shit in the woods, and one day you could too". Could have done with more bear stories but I can make do without. I'm trying to kick my bear stories addiction anyway and have got a patch to wear on my arm, infused with whimsical forest lore.

South America. Only three more countries to go! Share or take the wealth.. Where to go and how not to get mugged in South America. All I want to know is where to get cheap Pisco in Peru.

Tell me about the worst accident you have ever seen. A helpful reminder to alyways wear your seatbelt.

YOU'RE THROWING AWAY MONEY ON RENT!. Very intellectual discussion about why you need to move out of your parents' basement.

What to do with long arms? loofery has been meticulously monitoring the wild but regretfully unsymmetrical growth of his body. Fascinating.

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