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Three Fat Chicks in a Spacious Master Bedroom

For only ten bucks a month, you can take in the full cornucopia of today's ALOD. Fat Chicks in Small Places is a website that reminds you why obesity is such a problem in the United States - most people don't think it's that bad of a problem. When disgustingly overweight women are allowed to create a shrine dedicated to what they should not be able to fit into (showers, elevators, hopefully Ambulances) without being immediately chastised and forced on diets, we have failed as a society.

Two Fat Chicks Unable To Fit In A Public Park

I mean, this goes beyond your standard issue fat jokes - fat acceptance should be fucking criminalized. Anyone who cuts these people a check are accessories to manslaughter, and should be prosecuted , or at the very least put into stocks at their local Hometown Buffet.

"We also hope this brings some understanding to others about life for big people. Our needs and how life is so very different when you live having to squeeze on through."

It does my heart good to know that your heart is not, and that human biology is co-conspiring a plan with nature to have you die before you are 40. However, there are few things that are as funny as a fat chick outraged and vlogging about shitty fast food restaurants. So thank you for your Youtube channel, Fat Chicks, for making the Internet a smaller place.

– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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