The Female Pokemon and Anime Weight Clan, submitted by señor Beavis. For the longest time I believed there wasn't anything more erotic than Pokemon. Then I went through a phase where I believed nothing could be more erotic than fat women. Then I went through a phase where the medication started kicking in and I realized I had severe mental problems for thinking any of the previous two things. Fortunately the Internet is full of people who lack access to the proper psychiatric care, resulting in sites like The Female Pokemon and Anime Weight Clan, a wonderful website devoted to drawing really fat versions of Pokemon characters, which in case you forgot, is really fucking sexy.

It was at that point that Joy’s daughter entered. When she had been described as a big eater, no one had been kidding; she couldn’t possibly have been less than five hundred pounds, and was in fact probably almost a thousand. She was also famous in her home for being someone of whom guessing the weight was a sport on annual occasions. This occurred in late August, when she had been 834 lbs, and this morning having weighed her self (with special equipment, of course) she knew she had gained in this autumn more weight than in any season of her life to date. She had tipped the scales at an astonishing 908 lbs. The estimation of 1, 000 was therefore not too far off- not as far as she would have been considered.

Oh god yes! Eat that food! Catch that Charizard! Oh baby, this is hot as hell! You people are stupid sick!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@lowtax)

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