2012 Unlimited, submitted by Hailey. Oohhhhhh good, this is what I always wanted. Finally, somebody with the guts to tell it like it is! Note that I don't know what "it" is or what they're telling about it, but hey, this site makes the Scientologists seem like intelligent and rational human beings. Which they are, by the way.

This site and our catalogue cover: the Mayan calendar and prophecies, time acceleration, the frequency rise on Earth to a 16 hour day, the Quickening, Philadelphia and Montauk experiments in time, free energy, DNA upgrades, UFOs, extraterrestrials, the shift to 4th and 5th dimension, the Ascension, the synchronisation of earth with the universe. Other material that covers the mind, realities, parallel universes and energy changes.

The Mayan fifth world finished in 1987. The sixth world starts in 2012. So we are currently "between worlds". This time is called the "Apocalypse" or revealing. This means the real truth will be revealed. It is also the time for us to work through "our stuff" individually and collectively.

The Mayan sixth world is actually blank. This means it is up to us, as co-creators, to start creating the new world and civilization we want now.

Ooooh, DNA upgrades! I want to supersize my DNA so I grow to be 500 feet tall and I can wreck buildings and spit flames at enemy jets. That'd be so cool. I think that happens during the Mayan twenty-fifth world, but I'm not sure. I don't have my handy Mayan UltraCalendar handy; I accidentally left it in the 5th dimension.

PS: Make sure to check out this nifty "Hitler and TIME" article, which, for all intents and purposes, makes absolutely no fucking sense whatsoever.

PPS: There's a guestbook here, but only people from dimensions 1,2, and 5 are allowed to sign it.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@lowtax)

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