Anime Love, submitted by supaHax0r. Finally, an internet dating service that will get all those insane anime fans out of the mainstream gene pool and into some other, scarier pool that involves wearing stupid fucking costumes. Anime Love seeks to match single male anime crazies (all of them) with single female anime crazies (there are five of them). I started to get my hopes up that there would be a whole new group of women with low self-esteem I could prey upon using only my rugged good looks and stiff right hook, but alas, I spotted the following note on the front page:

NOTE: We STILL need female members to volunteer to be profiled! Please email the webmaster for info.

Well shucks, looks like the hot anime fan girls aren't coming out of the woodwork for this meat market. Fortunately, I managed to get plenty of great love advice from a FUCKING GODDAMN SAILOR MOON CHARACTER. The advice all revolved around doing things that you see done in anime, yet scandalously there were no suggestions for the pathetic people who wrote in to "Sailor V" to rape the object of their affection with tentacles.

Or if none of that works, you could always shout your feelings at her in the heat of the moment. And if she doesn't shut up, smack her with a kiss. ;) It happens in anime...

Look out Dr. Ruth, choo choo, the Sailor Moon advice train is coming full steam ahead and the next stop is your midget ass. All kidding aside, this site makes me wish I were not a part of the human race.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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