Twitter Man Satellite High got in touch with me to point out his new favorite website, Misfit Politics. His pitch was, and I quote: "(A) they are awful and (B) they asked for it."

Hits by any means necessary: This man is the Malcolm X of web traffic!
See! They actually invited us! So none of you should have any reservations about hopping over to that site and telling them exactly how terrible they are. Now, a word of warning -- this doesn't look like an Awful Link of the Day. The site is clean, it's somewhat well-designed, and it seems to be maintained by someone who isn't schizophrenic, so what makes it so bad? Well, dear readers, this is one of those special links where the real awfulness lies in the actual meaning of the words on the page.

Here's the deal with our trunk-and-Mohawk friends at Misfit Politics: They're edgy. I mean razorblade landmine edgy. They say the word fuck. Fuck, guys. And they say it while discussing why regulation is evil and how The Fountainhead is a pretty cool book. Are your minds blown yet? I bet they are. I mean, where else are you going to see a discussion of Milton Friedman AND a Pulp Fiction reference? Not at the Cato Institute - those dudes are way too busy trying to figure out how to keep peoples' grandmothers from getting their insulin.

Anyway! Please fulfill Misfit Politics' dream of getting some attention from someone other than Tea Party retweet bots!

– Daryl "Fucking" Hall

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