Making the smallest comic in the world would be pretty hard. One would have to work with some very small, delicate tools. The thing is, if one did it then there would be no debate. You could physically see just how teeny tiny the comic was. When making the world's smallest webcomic you have to be judged by how many pixels you use. 

There are also more troubling problems to face like having a joke or at least some kind of set-up and gag. Well, if one wanted to make things really hard they could try and cram in some tiny text, but then precious pixels would be wasted. It's best to try and come up with a gag that involves no text. The argument could be made that since this is a webcomic then a joke isn't necessary. ha ha ha shut up.

Let's begin with our first experiment. Before we start though, let's say titles don't count so don't get all nit-picky.

 oh no my iced cream

The little man holds an ice cream cone. He drops it then he cries. The lines are easily read. There's no mistaking what's going on in this comic and it does not have to be abstract. 

Of course I know this just isn't good enough for some of you obsessive kids out there who think they could do this in fewer pixels. Okay then, let's try. 

A man walks down the street and there's a banana peel. He slips on the peel and falls down. This is about as abstract as you can get while still being able to tell what's going on.  

Oh I know what you're saying... if I can be that abstract, why stop there? Yeah, let's just use only 1 pixel this time!

A bomb explodes, possibly killing a milllion fleas. The explosion is represented by the red pixel in the 2nd frame. The dark pixel in the last frame is the aftermath.

I think we all learned something from this exercise. This is a complete waste of time so don't even try it!

– Crummo Joe (@sashmorky)

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