Lord Soth's OKCupid! personal posted:

The six things I could never do without:
ABSTRACT: The author employs a gimmick, just like everyone else who answers this question.

SIX in ASCII is 0x53 0x49 0x58, which taken as a bit-string is 0101 0011 0100 1001 0101 1000; that's 5458264 in decimal. That's a lot of things I could never do without. I'll bet there's a core set of 5458264 out of the approximately 10^14 neurons in my brain which are most important to immediate survival and having fun, so I'll say I can't do without those.

Interpreting that string as being encoded in written English instead: introspection, the dopamine system, thought/consciousness, things I find to hold aesthetic value, metaphor, and being annoyingly literal-minded.
Anatole posted:
The people who you talk to on a daily basis must be legally retarded or asleep or something. Both id entertainment and EA both very recently announced they were moving to support the Mac 100%.
All desktop Macs ship with a 2 button + scroll wheel mouse.
Blah blah cost vs benefits, blah blah, already addressed.

Apple isn't interested in being Dell. They're interested in making a lot of money and being Apple. Despite being 6% of the market, they have at least equal or better brand name recognition to every other PC maker in the world. They seem very chill with that fact. They don't want to be 40% of the market, after all. 15% would be fine with them, because they know it's the top 15%.
You know, like some kind of neat mix of Mercedes, BMW, and Lexus.
burned my hat posted:
I have a very personal relationship with IRC. Though I rarely log on anymore, I still feel the warmth and comfort, practically for over 4 years all I did was IRC every day, minimum of several hours.

I met so many great people, had so many laughs, now I look back and are those days gone? Certainly.

Now I look at facebook, myspace and I can't help but wonder where are my REAL internet friends, they are still on irc, but I just cant bring myself to load up that client. So many good memories, mixed with bad ones means that my silly-string like conscience had to and must /part for the final time.

Good bye to all my irc friends with whom I shall never /query again.
Darthbane2007 posted:
now, the majority of the time reading fan fiction comes from www.fanfiction.net. while the majority of the authors there write the awesomest stories and could easily become published authors if they wanted to, some of the stories on that site are just plain Horse Shit. reasons why, listed in Categories:

Crossovers: to make them work, the 2 universes or whatnot have to be somewhat similar. Digimon/Pokemon crossovers, DC/Marvel Crossovers, Star Wars/Star Trek crossovers, etc... these type of stories i can tolorate. but when you start doing the stupidest crossovers, like Star Wars/Harry Potter, DBZ/Star Wars ( Goku could rip anybody in Star Wars in half), Power Rangers/Teletubbies, that's just fucking stupid.

Relationships: if there is already an established relationship withing the Canon of said universe, that's that. Anakin already has Padme, no need to make him go after Obi-Wan, he is not gay. no need to make Obi-Wan gay for that matter anyway. you would not believe the many fanfics where 2 already established as in a relationship people fall in love, and they are of the same gender. Anakin/Obi-Wan, Sora/Mimi ( Digimon), Jason/Tommy ( Power Rangers)

Poetry Fanfics: please, i want to read a story, not a 3 pages of songs. it's cool that you can write and all, but really?!

well, these are all that i can think of. do any of you all feel the same way about fanfiction as i do?
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