From annoyed by the actual game to disgusted by it's community, Knight Online World managed to obtain the rank of the worst game I had the misfortune to review.

Yeah, we know that a Rocky parody wasn't the most creative thing we could have done. However, Knight Online World is such a buggy game that we did our best with what we had.

This was the best part of the game.
The happiness of knowing that I will never have to play this game again allows me to not give Knight Online World a -50. Though this will be my lowest score yet (barely), room still exists for another game out there to top it in the ability to suck.


I would like to thank Hulkamatt, Slybo, Tipps, The_Rob, PenaltyMan, Internet_Commodus, opaopa13, The_Fuzzinator, boxorocks, Null Set, boxinglemur, Racer Ecks, IronGeek, Znof and UncreativeFacesmash for all of their help!

– Steve "Khad" Grant

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