The Sims Online is a very unexciting game filled with bugs and as such, the video is not that great!

I seriously could have just filmed an orange for a minute and a half and the video would have been a lot better. Maybe next time!

Thanks to the following people who gave up their real lives for Sim lives: ABrassMonocle, Admiral Badtacular, Alchem, Ask Me About Bugs, Captain Novolin, CherryCola, Dark_Talon, Darth Ronson, DoctorJones, Dr. VooDoo, DrakoDWyvrex, FishDogPimp, Garth Vader, HulkaMatt, Law, PenaltyMan, Phuzzy, Rexicon1, SROJ_Returns, Sandwich Fight, Spelling Mitsake, Takanago, Turbl, Centax, Kinkood, Linall, and Tomanton.

– Steve "Khad" Grant

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