Every year, Memorial Day provides BuzzFeed with another theme to curate and brand some fairly fresh fucking content. It is important to remember, as we honor our fallen troops, that this publication is spending a lot of money and trying relentlessly to be taken seriously and win a Pulitzer Prize.

Labor Day? Memorial Day? Eh, whatever, close enough, it's all about grilling anyway. Here are some photos and links to grilling recipes from other websites that Buzzfeed has helpfully placed into a long list for you.

"Get your Kleenexes ready" advises GIF curator Lara Parker. You're gonna be cumming buckets as you view these looping GIFs in absolute solemn silence, recognizing the meaningless self-parody our 21st century culture has become. Hey, what's your reaction to these soldiers hugging loved ones? Is this "WIN" or is it "FAIL"?

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