<Hotpriest> we are here today in the chat
<Hotpriest> to remember our true friend in #bdsmdungeon
<Hotpriest> AnalDawg....
<Hotpriest> he died
<Hotpriest> he got stung by wasps on his torso and face
<Hotpriest> rip
<Hotpriest> say "rip" everyone please
<Sex_King> rip
<misterarson_> rip
<PATRIOT1959> rip
<PleasureKevin> rip
<malediapered> rip
<Hotpriest> and please, while u are reading this
<Hotpriest> please eat some artisan breads. they were his favorite food
<Hotpriest> analdawg's life began as the youngest of 4 boys and 1 girl
<Hotpriest> and he was a pleasure demon in the chat
<Hotpriest> at age 17 it became obvious to him to become a dancer
<Hotpriest> he learned a lot of dances
<Hotpriest> the best of which was his b-boy dance
<Hotpriest> and in college
<Hotpriest> he learned Pleasure secrets
<Hotpriest> but it was not meant to be!
<Hotpriest> his career was cut short
<Hotpriest> due to the pleasures
<Hotpriest> at one of his first and largest b-boy competitions
<Hotpriest> he got fired by his team leader
<Hotpriest> because a bunch of little poops shot out while he was doing the spins
<Hotpriest> (The centrifugal force)
<misterarson_> rip
*** PATRIOT1959 has left #bdsmdungeon
*** PATRIOT1959 has entered #bdsmdungeon
<Hotpriest> he soon became a pleasure coach
<Hotpriest> and would pleasure anyone who needed help
<Hotpriest> doing pleasure
<Hotpriest> on anyone
<Hotpriest> his apprentice, PleasureKevin, learned all he could from AnalDawg in his short time here
<Hotpriest> PleasureKevin?
<PleasureKevin> I INHERITD
<PleasureKevin> ANALDAWG
<PleasureKevin> HIS PIG IS MINE
<PleasureKevin> SO NOW HE IS MINE
<PATRIOT1959> the best part of anal dawg ran down his mothers leg
<PATRIOT1959> (his ferret)
<PleasureKevin> QUIET
<Sex_King> is it still alive
<misterarson_> no
<PATRIOT1959> but heres what you didnt know!!!!
<Hotpriest> please, not now
<PATRIOT1959> PleasureKevin has a crystal collection for his Rod...
<Hotpriest> no...
<PATRIOT1959> He rub his Rod on it to heal it...
<PleasureKevin> so
<Hotpriest> nno
*** Hotpriest has left #bdsmdungeon
*** BigHoleWoman has left #bdsmdungeon
<PATRIOT1959> it Is True
*** misterarson_ has left #bdsmdungeon
*** BaseballTrivia has left #bdsmdungeon
*** Sex_King has left #bdsmdungeon
*** BaseballTrivia has entered #bdsmdungeon
<PATRIOT1959> he tried to Heal rod with a crystal
*** BaseballTrivia has left #bdsmdungeon

– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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