People don't realize it, but putting these Photoshop Phriday features together every week is incredibly stressful. It just eats away at my nerves like a chainsaw, and sometimes I do crazy things as a result. One crazy thing would definitely be to take a thread from the Something Awful Forums dedicated to putting hats on terminators using Photoshop and making it a Phriday feature. Well, guess what? Yeah, that's right. Get ready for a ton of terminators in hats! This may sound like a bad idea, but like it or not it answers a lot of important questions. Plus it's robots with hats, so shut up and enjoy!

LunixKing got this train wreck started by making this image:

CapnDeviance might be reaching a bit far with this one. I'm not sure I can swallow the idea of a terminator pimp.

Perkele thinks outside the box with this unusual hat.

neckbeard celebrates Arnold's Irish heritage. Yes.

DeltaAttack2go wants you to kiss the chef and your life goodbye.

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