Small child, what is your favorite activity?

  • A. Leading.
  • B. Doing machines.
  • C. Being crude, but cool.
  • D. Overeating while abusing household pets.


You find a wallet in the street. Do you:

  • A. Take it to the local constabulary.
  • B. Assemble a small, marketable robot for the purpose of returning it to your local constabulary.
  • C. Crack wise about the status of missing wallet(e.g. “Now that’s what I call losing your money;” possibly something far less clever).
  • D. Use contents of wallet on burgeoning drug habit; place wallet under tongue in anticipation of expected overdose.

What is your worst quality?

  • A. Inability to follow.
  • B. Preoccupation with machinery, gears; cog-based hobbies.
  • C. Well timed situation-based puns.
  • D. Closets upon closets of Hawaiian shirts. Also, coming out of blackouts guilty of murder.

What is your favorite food?

  • A. Pizza.
  • B. Pizza.
  • C. Pizza.
  • D. Pizza-style bagel foodlets.

If you could talk to anyone in the world, who would it be?

  • A. God, or the man who invented Sears.
  • B. The one, the only: Mr. Eddie Deezen.
  • C. Star Search finalist Dave “Uncle Joey” Coulier.
  • D. Whoever owned the mailbox I befouled last night- I left my wallet inside your cat and I need it back, bro.
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