"YAHHHHHHH! YAY! YAAAAAAAY! WAHHHH!" - Crowd Guy's most well-known quote from Mat Mania

"WEOOOH! AH! AH! AH! YIPP YIPP! AH! AH! YEAH, FUCKEN'... YEAH!" - from Mike Tyson's Punch Out

"There is no endeavour more glorious than the dogged and humble pursuit of true self-understanding." - from Double Dribble

"Are we not all, in our little ways, gladiators in the face of mortality? Mm. Indeed. Think on it, my friends." - from American Gladiators

"Cuthbert, I am cold. A chill coarses through my very veins. This wine...? Betrayed! By my own squire!" - from Street Fighter II

"WOO! YEAH HELL YEAH! HIT THAT GUY! KNOCK HIM INTO THE WALL! (ecstatic gurgling)" - from NHL 94

"You owe a great deal to the British government, Ms. Ladyparts. Today we collect. You WILL wear this wire, and you WILL convince Count Cuthbert Murdaire to reveal the hidden location of his poison laser factory." - from Sim City 2000

"There. The final draft of my treatise on race relations in modern day France, as examined through the lens of sixteenth century cartography techniques." - from WWF No Mercy

"Ellie, scooch." - from NES Tennis

– Dennis "Corin Tucker's Stalker" Farrell (@DennisFarrell)

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