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Occasionally, I make the mistake of assuming that there are plenty of healthy, normal people who choose to play this particular MMORPG. Fifteen minutes into reading this forum, I realized that this mistake could leave me painted up as a night elf female, raped and snuffed in a WalMart parking lot. These people are in our midsts, communicating to each other that they want to have their partner's shedick in their gnome hole. It's like that grim realization you have when you realize that not only do your parents still have sex, they are probably doing it at this very moment and it is so gross. To make matters worse, they have fan art to match the fan fiction. God has left us.

Warning: Forum may contain adult content, not suitable for those 12 years or younger.

I like the red and green fonts he chose, so it will be like Christmas for the FBI when they bust his ass for posting this shit!

Fortunately, the rest of them have standards.

Reminder that "female tauren" is just the P.C way of saying "Minotaur with Tits"


Personally, I'm hoping my kids learn about sexual reproduction from Shark Week.

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