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Matt’s Rant

Am I always to be cursed with this bittersweet reality I call living? Everyday I think that things go good only to see them crash or get worse. It’s disappointing and depressing and I get pity for it and I hate it all the more. Pity is a form of self-indulgence to make one feel better and it’s for the weak to feed off. I just feel like saying “world fuck off” but I cant because it does little. This morbid world closes in on me and I can’t escape. Its cheap thrills keep me going but it’s not enough to get me out of this stiffening depression that often sets in. I constantly look for things to get me out but the crash and burn like all other good things in my life. I have 2 things I can rely on and that both could also fail. Friends and my strength. I’m only 16 years old and some would say that it’s a phase. Well its funny how fucking wrong they are. Adults with there probing minds trying to figure something and someone to complex for there meager arrogant minds to comprehend. I write these things to get it out of my system and it feels good buts it’s only a temporary solution. Shrinks and psychologists are laughable because we are only capable to cure ourselves. What I need is someone to share the pain and ease the burden I endure everyday. Some say God. I laugh in there face. I tried that and it like everything else burned and crashed. I cry out in pain and anguish to “god” and I got nothing in return. I feel that I will be important in life and say that with no arrogance. I can’t help but think that maybe I will amount to something in life and I earn for it night and day. The adventure the excitement and the rush of what might happen to me as the chaotic world throws something else in my face. I just wish I had someone to share it all with and just to… love I guess. I’m alone and empty in life and in simple terms…it fucking sucks. Music and books I try to hide into and it’s only like a drug. Great while its being used, crashes when it’s over. No, this is not some type of suicidal letter. Suicide is a coward’s way out and I am not a coward. I just want to have acceptance and love in this shitty world where money and greed rises above all.

Hey Matt! You're a fag! Good thing there's an entire page full of this idiotic crap that nobody in their right mind would ever read unless they're somehow tricked into clicking the link or they're a police officer trying to figure out why Matt shot and critically wounded the waiter at Denny's a week ago. The "art" section also contains images mistakenly labeled as "art," including pencil drawings of Zelda, Master Shredder, and what I think is a Vulcan wearing FUBU clothing. It's all a very surreal and mind bending experience, like the time I smoked a joint full of catnip and fell off the deck, only with significantly more emotional scars.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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