Glenn Burkett Ministries, submitted by pre.Glenn Burkett is saving souls and saving lives. With the unstoppable combination of divine health (natural), divine healing (super natural), and sassy pill bottle names, he is curing the afflicted across the south. Or is he? Glenn claims that these magic bible pills are the only medicine you ever need, curing all kinds of terrible ailments, even cancer. As depicted on the site, he usually tests his loyal flock's health by jumping on their back and going for horsey rides. If they collapse with a heart attack, it's time for another dose of magic beans.BUY MY MAGIC JESUS PILLS OR I'LL BITE YOU

I must say I was impressed at the wide variety of pills offered by the Glenn Burkett ministries. I decided to try out some Macho Man pills for the "sexual enhancer". I really couldn't tell if it worked because I couldn't find a willing partner, but I felt ok. Then my grandpa was diagnosed with cancer, so instead of going to the hospital and getting chemo I started giving him Heart and Body pills that I ordered off this website. Last week my grandpa died! Thanks for nothing Glenn Burkett!

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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