Something Awful is first and foremost a news site of the upmost integrity. Like CNN, FOXNews, and ~~~aZnSenSaTiOn6969~~~'s Angelfire site, we bring you hard hitting news like no one else can, except, of course, those sites I just mentioned. Sure, CNN may report what happens around the world, but do they really report what happens on and around the internet? For the purposes of this article, no, no they do not.

There are hundreds of stories happening on the world wide web. Let me tell you, that's a very wide web. Our goal at The Weekend Web is to bring you the latest headlines from around the internet. We go in-depth into the very bowels of message boards everywhere and find out what the millions of online citizens have to say about current events. This week we take a look at anime forums.

Our top story tonight, man attempts to murder wife with "karate" moves he saw on the television.

Critics everywhere agree, Goku can kick Vegita's ass.

An anime forum was stolen late last night. Police are still searching for the suspects.

In local news the community theater is having it's first play tonight.

Pokeball on the Ege: A Weekend Web Survival special.

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