O'Brien ETs, etc., submitted by Kai Tave. Huh? A site about Scottish aliens that love children and Reeses Pieces? Nope, just another herd of wackos, I'm afraid!

There are thousands of crazy lunatics out there that just don't seem to be able to comprehend any aspect of reality, but at least some of those nutballs are very organized. This page is full of neatly organized… things… but unfortunately, I'm afraid it's impossible to understand anything about this page without the aid of severe mental problems and physical brain deformities. I think these people are insane new-age hippies who believe in aliens and try to sell ice cream Ben & Jerry style, but draw your own conclusions.

The one exception under Divine intent at the beginning of our creation, was the diversion of divine operating energy into the dark part of our universe governed by Lucifer and his angels, and returning this energy in a lower vibrational form to humanity in order to keep us anchored in the third density/dimension. This dark world was shut down with Arch Angel Lucifer ascending, as described in Jack O'Brien's website, under WORKING WITH LIGHT AND DARK. It required Divine intent to restore the two energy points to their originally intended use in providing humanity high enough vibrational energy to permit ascension into the 4th and higher densities. But now we are operating under the law of Free Will, which required a request by humanity to do this. But nobody knew to ask, until Sue and I discovered this diversion in our investigating the functions of the chakra energy points. So we asked All that Is that it be done. Since it was for the highest good for all concerned, this was apparently granted.

Huh? This entire site is filled with masses of neatly filed, totally incomprehensible babble. According to the popular Marvel Comic X-Men, "people fear what they do not understand." While I guess that's true for most, personally, I just laugh at or completely ignore what I don't understand because that's the way K-Dog kicks it. *SNIKT* I just shot off your arm with an optic eye blast since I'm a mutant, by the way!

I have a sneaking suspicion that people that are incredibly bored by their work just sit there in their cubicles all day and type up paranoid nonsense and post it on the Internet for lack of anything better to do with their time. I really have no other explanation for sites like this. For bonus fun, be sure to check out the picture page at the bottom!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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