Drucilla's Hellevator, submitted by Otto. Just when I thought I was starting to get burnt out on all these incredibly bad goth sites, along comes Drucilla and her "Hellevator" to reinvigorate the genre. Only on the Internet can you find fat trailer park vampires wearing sombreros. I'll repeat that so you don't think your computer is malfunctioning: wearing sombreros. Yes, that's right folks, Drucilla has pictures of all of her little goth buddies just waiting to meet Cliff Yablonski.

But first let's learn a little bit about Drucilla:

Loves: velvet, everything animal print, my leather buckle boots, clove incense, sleep, a good club show, friendly non-mopey ppl, the snow, Salem at Halloween, the crunch of falls leaves under your feet, victorian houses, brightly colored hair accessories, playing with all the toys in the store, coffee, Peachtree schnapps, Madouri Sours, making other ppl nervous, IRC, hot showers, being annoying

Hates: liars, ppl who are too chicken to say things about you to your face, hot humid weather, stalkers, cheaters, Mondays, having no $, loners, muscle cars, muscle heads, Scott W. and Mike J., getting up early, seafood, people who think they are better than you

So to sum it up, she likes IRC and living in a Nine Inch Nails video and she hates Scott W., Mike J. and the real world. Honestly I almost have to give her credit for listing Chemlab as one of her favorite bands, but then I look at the water drop applet she used on her picture and all kindness fades. Whoah-ho, don't let me forget the incredibly meaningful and well-written poetry that she and her friends have compiled. Let me end this Awful Link excursion by quoting a poem entitled "Time" by the under-appreciated writer "Japtheth":

No time for today and no time for tomorrow Forever, right now.

This is some great stuff, people.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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