When it comes to raising children, the hardest part is agreeing on a sales price. The second hardest part is that dreaded "talk." That awkward moment where you sit your kids down and explain to them as clearly as possible what terrorism is so that they don't have to find out the hard way from some kid on the street. A smart writer and the world's worst illustrator got a bold notion to make this process easier by creating a simple book explaining the facts and figures about terrorism, particularly internationalized Islamic militancy, its roots, causes, and where it's headed. This book is 100% serious and 100% educational. Well, when AlMac brought this book to the attention of his fellow Something Awful Forum Goons, all they could do was make a joke out of the whole thing. A lot of jokes.

On a note sure to disappoint all of you, I am dying of malaria after a botched attempt to build my own canal and found it difficult to write comments this week. You'll just have to enjoy the pictures and write your own comments, perhaps carving them in your flesh, a process far less painful than reading my drivel.

Here is the original image, unedited, as provided by AlMac!

We'll start with AlMac, since he's responsible for starting all of this!

A Childhood Friend


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