CLICK ON JON TO ENTER MY WORLD OF CHAOS!!!!!!, submitted by SLEF DESTURCT. a mistar FAGOT MAN writes vary stuped crap about I dont know what but he writes a lot of it and dosant STOP BECUASE HE HAS TEH POWAR OF BRITENNY SPEARS PICTARS IN HIS BACKGROUND and they grant him unspeakabal powars of FAGOTRY in his futare endeboars.!!! hear are some quotes from his poorley coded hoeamepage: (I HAVE ADDED MY COMMENTS IN RED)

I wish i had a machine that could be hooked to my head and display whatever i was thinking on a TV screen. [YES OR I COULD JUST CHANGES TEH TV SATATIAN TO FAGOT-TV CHANNAL 68!!! HAHA YUOR SHOW SUCKS] I like to think that that would make me millions. [YES MILLIANS OF PUNCHES OF DEATH TOO YUOR GROINS FROM ME JEFF K!!!]I create little movies in my brain and if something that easy were possible i'd be in the butter zone baby. [JERRY SI IN TEH BUTTAR ZONE FOR FAR TOO LONG HAHAHAHHAHAHA]But there is no such machine, so i have to attempt to explain to "you" what it is that i think about all the time. and let me tell you it's not an easy task. especially since i can only type so fast and my head is spinning. are you aware that it's 1:15 in the morning. [ARE YUO AWARE YUOR A SPINNING SHIT?] if your reading this you were probably asleep when i wrote it. what is this really? [CRAP] i don't think it qualifies as a poem.[POEMS ARE CRAP TOO] and a manifesto is a little to complex for my peon thinking. so what is it? a nugget of joy as space ghost would say. [A NUGGET OF TURD MAYEB] if i play with toys when i'm 40 does that make me imature? [NO IT MAEKS YUO A FAGOT YUO FAGOT] or just more advanced? or neither?....... why can't people just be themselves. [PLEAS STOP BEING YUORSELF YUO CRETIN] i am tied down by a family. but let me assure you that when the time is write i will be 100% myself. [WHEN THEY DISOWN YUO PROBALY] unlike you people who worry about what others think. i must admit though. i do worry sometimes too. it's only natural right? i'd better end "this one" before it takes up the whole fucken page. [YES END IT ALL]

wow what a shitbarn page I think!!! I wouldant visit thes page if I had too! THIS GUYS A IDIOT AND I WANT NO PARTIN HIS IDIOTCY!!!! AHAHAHAH!!! BYE!!!!!111111

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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