E=±mc²=Thé Ðëòxÿríß, submitted by Pete. What is do here? We say a commentary about site we given? Let's see how a roustabout such as yourself reacts when a team of our blinking turbans surround without an exit? Then we'll see if you can react at all when your gills no longer remain. Back about subject! Now we do not believe in science because cows and donkeys are not human to us so this makes to sense to have a chemical table of letters saying we are all the same and small particles make everything created? This is silly beyond a word to say… we live as we always have and none of a labcoat for burden!

We all know how intricate are the relationships between a single tree and the forms of life that live with it, and around it. But why are trees so important to human beings who are after all--as forms of life--so distinct and different from trees? Though distinctive and different, human beings are part of the same heritage of life.

The reason that trees and forests are so important to us, as human beings, has to do with the natural geometry of the universe. We must therefore distinguish between man-made geometry, stemming from Euclidean geometry, the geometry we learn at schools, from the natural geometry, especially the geometry of the living forms.

When Euclid was inventing his geometry, which has become the basis for man-made forms, the Greek reason was already corrupted by Aristotle's analytical and classificatory approach to the world. With Socrates and Plato the Greek world is still held in unity and harmony. With Aristotle, we begin to divide and chop and atomize--put things into separate compartments, where they are identified by special labels called definitions.

We understand, you are one of those ANTI-AMERICAN so we do not like you and would not enjoy a audience with you even with high ticket price. This is all wrong and I will tell you why trees are so important to SEMI AUTOMATIC TURBAN in words we have created and not just an encylopedia science fotocopy that you seem to be quite find about you braincrazy town groin storage sentry! Here is a story to make you understand:

There that is better. Trees are where the dreams of children unite under a branch. Why do you think children build a treehouse to step in? A ladder in a tree with nails does not hurt the tree because a tree is a not care. You can step on a tree or slash or break off and snap. It is not like a woman in this regard. Both have holes but one has more sap than other. A tree is not geometry because I see no pears under apple tree you science! This is how we get angry and not how trees play a game. Why we play a game such as slap or AMERICAN pastime baseball a tree is much like a dart which has stuck into the ground to swoop energy and give it back to us breathing and eat up the ones who are already enjoyed a happy fun-time funeral and enjoy a nap of dirt. This is a right you a maggoty corpse appreciates, not a school philosoper! In our homeland Aristotle is a way to bake bread so nobody but the elderly is harmed in the ensuing battle by opposing armies. But it is far more fun to do away with these problems afterward because we can blame others for expenses and collect the insureance of three mules and a brand new sister!

Remember we are Semi Automatic Turban and our music is for soothing and also slap to knees bustout friendship and clapping fun so have a good time with our music and yourself because we are the same no matter what the country. Now Please Listens to the rest of our musics HASTE here. Teaming up makes any situation without mercy!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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