Pet Make-Overs, submitted by Me. If there is one thing that the world is sorely lacking in, it's pets with ridiculous outfits and hairstyles. The problem is, nature dealt the animal kingdom a sort of Charles Bronsonesque Deathwish by making them so gosh darn ugly. I can't imagine the overwhelming depression a goat must feel when it wants to look beautiful, but lacks a means of actually making itself look beautiful.

Thankfully, one kind soul has founded a poor man's Make-A-Wish Foundation for these troubled beasts. For less than the cost of having your pet or livestock (note to you: shut up) put to sleep, you can give them a dream makeover using no less than a camera, some money, and a generous helping of heart!

Imagine the joy your canine must feel when you hold its face to the monitor and hope that its eyes are capable of perceiving the digital terror flickering on the screen. Either that, or just use it as one more reason to laugh at your poor, mentally inferior companion in a way that torments and vexes its miserable existence.

Are you or your pet bored with their drab, everyday look?
Do they run and hide when you get out the cute outfits you sewed for them?
Looking for that perfectly unique birthday or christmas card for the person who has everything?
A card to show off your favorite hairy, scaley, or feathered child?
A zany or goofy gift for your pet fanatic friends?

Tender bosoms of Moses! Me and my S&M pet are never going to be the same again!

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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