Wake up, Neo. It turns out everything you thought was real is actually fake as hell! Luckily, the fearless experts who congregate at Cluesforum are ready to pull back the curtain at a moment's notice.

Cluesforum is a "research forum" dedicated to debunking "psyops" and other hoaxes in the smuggest way possible. These hoaxes range from the moon landing (don't get them started!) to the Red Bull space jump (the smoking gun: they used more than one type of camera), even so-called "natural disasters" like the Japan earthquake (artificially induced, as if there was ever any doubt).

Cluesforum's bread and butter, however, is 9/11, which was all just a big video hoax staged with CGI planes that resulted in zero actual casualties. Revealing this truth is a great icebreaker at parties, as user rick55 can attest:

I've pointed a lot of people I normally have contact with to SeptemberClues.info announcing to them that 3000 people did not die on 9/11. It shakes them up, bringing suspicion on me as nuts-- which is fine with me-- and gives me a sense of bragging rights that I know what I'm talking about. Others turn away from me when I walk into a place, now, and I smugly smirk since it is they who are either intentionally accepting MSM lies (as part of a cooperative effort to push MSM lies... or as dupes). At least I'm able to decipher what kind of people I deal with everyday. It's like having x-ray vision glasses like the comic books advertised year ago. I see through people.

Alienating everyone you know to the extent that they actively avoid you is clearly an accomplishment worth bragging about, but the downside is that you run out of people to deprogram. Undeterred, rick55 has resorted to blurting out his truther spiel to complete strangers:

Funny true story: I was at the local convenience story the other day at around 3:30 pm just as the high school across the street got out. High school kids milled about the front door with their girlfriends and their skateboards. As I exited with my quart of High Life beer, prepped for another evening of at-home-dinner and SeptemberClues reading, I blurted out to a few of the friendlier looking ones "Do you realize nobody died on 9/11... that the whole thing was a video hoax?". Do you know what his response was? "We haven't gotten to that yet". Ha! So... these kids with the skateboards, cell phones and internet-- a resource that is science fiction compared to what I had in high school, actually "wait" until the "teacher" "gets to that" part of their history lesson.

These days, the focus has turned to more recent "faked terror events" and mass shootings. Members comb through gruesome photos (and occasionally Batman movies) for evidence of media fakery and traces of Israeli influence. Hrm, yes, quite a "coincidence" that this M&Ms stand at the Boston Marathon bombing just happened to be blue and white, wouldn't you say?

Cluesforum posters pat themselves on the back for not swallowing the "schlock crap fakery" being force-fed to the American populace by media "phonytographers" and their government overlords. They ghoulishly laugh at reports of "alleged" dead children and smugly mock dismembered victims.

Whoops, did I say victims? I meant "vicsims" (simulated victims), Cluesforum's favorite term. Nobody ever actually dies in these staged massacres, mind you, they're all just fictional characters portrayed by paid actors! Every psyop requires hundreds if not thousands of paid actors to fill roles such as vicsim, "survivor," "murderer", and "witness." Having this gigantic acting troupe on the federal payroll is no doubt the leading contributor to the national debt.

Once in a while this air-tight logic gets a mild challenge, like when discomatty discovered one of the murdered Sandy Hook teachers in a yearbook from 2000. Obviously, this means either Sandy Hook was planned 12 years in advance with "micromanaged" yearbooks, or discomatty is yet another plant sent by the government to discredit Cluesforum, which is apparently a thing that happens with stunning regularity.

While many Cluesforum members laugh and post rolling-eyes emoticons at the obvious fakeness of these clumsily staged events - the shadows are wrong! They used the wrong shade of red for the fake blood! - bostonterrierowner gives the perpetrators kudos on the quality of their magic tricks:

We can clearly see better quality job on behalf of the perps , they took an effort to make it much more believable for the audience . There was professionally prepared movie set of significant size and an actual blast performed in a location very closely resembling actual Boston street or even the street itself . Maybe some state of the art green screen technology was employed and we are witnessing a first sign of a breakthrough in PsyOp business ? I suspect a generational change behind the scenes with new directors , FX specialists and PR pros . Compared to Sandy Hook , Aurora and Breivik idiocies Boston belongs to another , higher league . I am certain that we will be seeing better and more professionally prepared psyops and en era of ketchup , sloppy photoshop jobs and generally budget mindfuck operations is slowly dying . Our hobby will be much more interesting from now on.

Like Wile E. Coyote, the perpetrators will continue to paint more and more elaborate fake tunnels. And like Roadrunner, Cluesforum will continue to smash through the illusions, again and again and again.

– Adam "rubber cat" Jameson (@robbercat)

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