Forum Goon Pandabearassault recently posted a thread on the forums about his band Stabilizer's new album called “A Project Called Red”. It seems that without SA, the album would have likely never been made. This is due to the fact that during the CD’s production, none of the main contributors have met in person.

With a very diverse sound, Stabilizer swings from new age style piano solos to Black metal techno to ambient. Only in this week's Goldmine can you hear a sampler of all of the songs off the new album!

Here's Panabearassault's actual post on the forums explaining how things got off the ground:

Goon Aquavita and I are releasing an album on November 10th, and it’s doubtful that this CD would exist without the Musician’s Lounge of these here SomethingAwful forums. Our band is called Stabilizer and our first album is called “A Project Called Red”. Our sound is pretty diverse and ranges from new age style piano solos (struck) to hard-rock influenced electronica (Movie Star) to Black metal techno (run between the raindrops) to Massive Attack-influenced downtempo (Grey to Green) to ambient.

One of the great things about this CD’s production is that the main contributors have never met. About 6 months ago, I had made a post in the Musician's Lounge requesting potential guests to audition for a new musical side project I was starting. I received a few excellent replies, but Aquavita’s really stuck out. I was so impressed by his audition that I asked him if he’d lay his vocal and guitar skills over more than one track, essentially making him the lead vocalist/guitar player of the project. Now, about 6 months later, we've put together an entire album without really knowing who the hell the other person is. All of our collaboration and exchange of ideas has been sent solely through IM and email. I'd play the songs for friends and when they'd ask where the band is from, I'd emphatically reply- "from the internet!," as we were separated by a few state lines during the creation of the CD. Also along the way we received a guest track sung in Mandarin by goon 6stringsamurai, 3 guest guitar spots from danoteck, and a guest female vocalist spot from a friend of mine named Morgan.

All in all, the contributors ranged from Florida to Philadelphia to Texas to Taiwan to Australia (which is where the graphic artist for the CD was at the time). The album will be officially released on November 10th and within a month or two the tracks will be on itunes, cdbaby, amazon, etc.

The artwork for the album cover was put together by goon Fendahleen.

Here's a sampler of the whole album:

Right click, save as: "A Project Called Red" Sampler
MIRROR Right click, save as: "A Project Called Red" Sampler

And here's Movie Star, the first song off of their album:

Right click, save as: "A Project Called Red" Movie Star
MIRROR Right click, save as: "A Project Called Red" Movie Star

To find out more about Stabilizer, check out their Music page.

Thanks to Pandabearassault for bringing such great music to our attention. That reminds me, I need to watch that ebaums flash again. Take care folks, see you in seven!

– Ryan "OMGWTFBBQ" Adams

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