The first storefront sign was made in 1989, and since then, there have been millions of young hooligans who derived pleasure from vandalizing important messages which were intended to be viewed by the public. For example, did you know that the word "Frat" can be changed to a humorous word in a relatively simple way? If you think you're learning something from me, wait until you get a lot of what the forum goons are offering you this week. Staring danger in the face, these lovable pranksters have been up to no good, snapping pictures of the most offensive and amusing signs which you weren't supposed to see. Take a mischief-filled journey with me, as it's time to look at the fun that can be had by making dick jokes out of plastic letters on a church billboard!


On my side of the street, I took a sign for a pool supply store that advertised a cost reduction and I made this:

Burn Zone

For about a month, I drove past this sign every day. Each time I saw it, all I could think about was what I thought it should say. One night, I drove past it and had to change it.

It used to say:


Cracka McJerkass

A couple years ago my friends did this outside a florist:

And just recently they did these:

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