All the episodes you could ever want, now on DVD, in glorious colors! THREE COLORS! Red, Yellow, and now BLUE!

"I Spy With My Hairy Eye" contains the episode where Donkey Kong plays with a barrel carelessly and Diddy Kong gets pissed off. Please note that this DVD is rated both PG and G. This is for the scene where Diddy says Donkey is being "a real prick" but then he follows it up with "sorry that was uncalled for."

"VOL 1" Donkey Kong falls into a deep depression after breaking up with his girlfriend Candy Kong. Klubba The Lug consoles Donkey and lets him know "I been there, man." This DVD contains a warning for "General Exhibition" (Cranky Kong generally lets his balls hang out for about 22 seconds)

"Raiders Of The Lost Banana" Donkey Kong and Diddy finally find that one banana that's been missing.
"we did it, Diddy... It's all over."

"Raiders Of The Lost Banana: Gold Edition" It's the same DVD as the previous one only this one is hyper-realistic.


"Monkey Seer, Monkey Do" as seen on TV. Rated G for "general." There isn't much content besides the general stuff. You know: snow, rocks, chumps, eggs, glimbreons...

"The Legend Of The Crystal Coconut"

"have I got a deal for you... You want DVD? We have so many. DVD is very large now."
"DVD is this big. Practically laserdisc."
"eh? ehhhh? We shake now."
"help. i can not stop shaking"

– Hairy Eyeball (@sashmorky)

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