The SomethingAwful forums aren't just one chunky spew of weird discussion threads; whole new subforums full of threads gush out from time to time! To celebrate the new Cholesterol Clubhouse, a place for fast-food reviews, forums user Spinz wanted to see if the fries at In-N-Out burger are really as bad as people say. The incredible results you see here give a whole new meaning to "taste test", this week in the Comedy Goldmine!


I read multiple places that In-N-Out fries are bad and since there is a restaurant right down the road I thought I would research just how bad they are for the new subforum.

some images may not be suitable for children

Ivan the Terrible was an In-N-Out fry; here he is holding his son who he whacked with an axe.

So was Vlad the Impaler

Vlad tortured his enemies horribly; besides impalement he also drowned his enemies slowly headfirst in mayonnaise.

Of course you know who was probably the most infamous In-N-Out fry

There were many wartime atrocities committed by In-N-Out fries; of note is the practice of forcing captured fries to dig their own graves.

The evil acts I uncovered seemed endless; they are also shitty tippers

At Halloween they do a razor blade FryOp

Dyatlov was an In-N-Out fry

They are monstrous in their personal life as well; only doing it animal style

They watch too much porn and like fry sauce facials

Even worse they don't use safe words

Tragically, double doubles have been known to commit suicide from the shame of fry inclusion

Thanks again to Spinz for this combo meal of potato purgatory's saltiest sinners!
Still hungry? Join the forums for just $10, not much more than a burger and fiends fries!

– Ian "BFM" Helm

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