In olden days many a Photoshop theme around the forums and Phriday were based on manipulating a single image in as many ways possible. This week we return to that grand tradition with a rather mundane image of two guys being extremely bored at an airport. Common sense would dictate nothing fun could come out of a scene with two guys napping and reading a paper, but common sense is generally nowhere to be found around these parts. The Something Awful Forum Goons took them on a fantastical journey of fun and excitement, danger and daring. Now my friends, it is your turn to go along for the ride!

Here is the untouched original image, courtesy of Featherlake.

Featherlake is the man, the myth, the legend responsible for getting this all started.

mastermind26 went through three saltlicks in the making of this image.

Let us remember to thank Danzef for providing us with fun.

King Gonad finally managed to use up that excess green he's been sitting on.

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