The Cleaner wanted to see a drawing of a beautiful woman, but instead of drawing one himself, or gazing upon timeless feminine forms at the local museum, or becoming a beautiful woman through years of rigorous preparation and expensive surgery and then commissioning a portrait of him(her)self, he asked his fellow forums posters. The results didn't come out quite as he'd planned, but who is he to impose his standards of beauty? Besides, the real thing of beauty here is the process of artistic collaboration on display; at least, that's one way to look at it. Contributors were asked to add one detail per turn to the starter images; if occasionally the images skip several steps, that's probably because I moved things along in the interest of brutal efficiency and not because the artist in question cheated. Now let's behold beauty, in the eyes of the Something Awful Forum goons!

The Cleaner



Tempus Fugit

Magic Hate Ball




Magic Hate Ball


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