I'm neither a parent nor a blogger, so I really don't feel qualified to comment on "Huffpost Parents." Fortunately, the SA Goons are all experts in both writing and child-rearing, with online readerships and parental peers alike nodding knowingly at their every word! Note: Unlike the amusing photo illustrations from our Slate article, the headlines pictured here are completely, dumbfoundingly real.

Uncle Enzo

There Is Some Kind Of Nutrient Or Something In Some Random Expensive Vegetable Your Kid HAS To Have
Scientists have only recently become aware of the health properties of muahicayata, a 20$-per-ounce root only grown in the Andes...


I Don't Even Know How to Pronounce Acai, But I Ask For It In Everything My Child Eats
How to stand up to waiters who don't understand that acai is essential for...

Uncle Enzo

Discrimination Is A Serious Problem When You're Gluten-Free
I've been proudly gluten-free for 6 months now, and my diarrhea was almost gone until my dentist...


Why a pit bull will be the perfect companion for your toddler
This breed has gotten a bad rap in the media due to several 'reported' claims of children being maimed, but...


Why I'll Never Show My Child Another Picture of an Alligator


Spineless: How My Son Fought Back Against Bullying
I had my son's spine removed in an attempt to take back the insult "spineless" (once a byword for cowardice) and make it a rallying cry for...

Uncle Enzo

My Child Is Not Emotionally Ready For Full-Time Employment And That's OK
"Mommy, they hurt my feelings," my 24-year-old son sobbed into my bare chest. I tried to latch...

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