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I am told you have completed book task Spider-Man Zaps Mr. Zodiac. Could you please share your findings regarding this reading, and what True Lesson you've discovered? Our Distinguished Visitor awaits your report.

Yes, Instructor. I have finished my Reading Time assignment Spider-Man Zaps Mr. Zodiac. I have made slides to show you, and I will tell you the wisdoms I learned about every page.

I think this is Mr. Zodiac. He is a villain. He looks more like a goat than I expected.

This is a caveman boy. I don't think this is now times. It must be a flashback. I wonder if this is an origin story, like it is telling us how a volcano made this caveman boy into Lava Girl.

This is Mr. Zodiac again. He probably only becomes a goat when he needs goat powers, like for climbing. There is a giant hook in the corner of this picture, like a shepherd would have. I bet someone was trying to grab him with it when he was a goat, so he changed back into a person.

Spider-Man makes sticky on the goat. There are no goats here. There are no animals here. I've only seen them in drawings. I wonder what animals smell like.

Spider-Man is pushing the shark. He is wearing the head cage, like people have to wear here if they bite. I wonder if he bit the goat. Spiderman is like a bully to animals.

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