Thought_Sandwich has drawn either a tree or broccoli, but since the 'MS Paint Horticulture' Goldmine isn't until next week, I'm guessing it's the latter.

There's something apeeling about this contribution from Vermin Tanager!

This week's final effort comes from v-unit, who makes us ponder the question: Tofu or not tofu?

I'm full, I couldn't even look at another bite! As I loosen my pants, I want to thank all of the forum goons that contributed this week. Note- I was painting a picture with my words and attempting to create the perception that I was taking my belt off to get comfortable after a big meal, it was a perfectly innocent comment that I hope isn't taken the wrong way as I certainly do not wish to reward the artists responsible for this article with "gifts" kept in my pants. Join me for another Comedy Goldmine next Tuesday, because by then all your new year's resolutions will be broken and you'll need to take your mind off of your failures.

– Craig "Russ" Russell

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