As a child, I dreamed of being an inventor. My ambition was to challenge everyday convention and bring something worthwhile to humanity. While I may not yet have achieved this goal, I still feel that I give something back to society through these articles which I compile in between lying on my couch eating Pringles. The forum goons are no strangers to creative thinking. Most of them spent countless hours creating a persona for their supermodel prom date that conveniently had to go out of town at the last minute. These e-Inventors, or iNsteins, were set the challenge of creating the worst possible creations imaginable, and here are the fruits of their labor (note- not real fruits).

burexas.irom gets things on track with this contribution.

CannedMacabre presents this slice of nasal amazement.

Cat Porn's image doubles as a Magic Eye picture and if you look hard enough at the black and white dots you may be able to make out a pony.

This calculator from FredT.E.C. is just as worthless as another "Texas Instrument", and by that I mean George W. Bush was a terrible president.

Guber can't think of anything cooler than a fridge which answers the phone due to mild cerebral damage following a car crash.

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