> Turn gun on cameraman and coerce him into joining your pirate/search crew, add CNN's motor to your boat

Suicide Sam E.

> Call him a news company stooge like Bill Murray did to the bond company stooge in The Life Aquatic.


Paper With Lines

> ask the hopefully gay camera man about his hopes and dreams.


> force the cameraman to drink seawater as part of his pirate initiation


> Call the captain on the radio and ask if he's watching CNN.


Toad on a Hat

> Drive over to the big boat and attempt to take it over Somali pirate style

Hitlers Gay Secret

> Reply "Well the shit's about to hit the fan." Then shit onto the boat motor.


> remind the captain that your still filming this all live and everyone watching heard his weird confession



> When large boat arrives, use your quad-engine warboat to ramp off of the CNN boat and do a sick flying corkscrew over it, firing the gun at the bridge while singing take it to the limit


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