Mein Deutsch ist schrecklich so bitte entschuldigt mich! Ich habe es vor vielen Jahren genommen aber mein Lehrer war ein Nazi und hat mich durchgefallen. Für das Vaterland!

I Gained Faith in Humanity

A special thanks to forum goon and FYAD'er Humanity who did the Steve Perry artwork for today. He took my concept art, and really brought it to life. I bought him a case of beer but couldn't figure out how to send it through the Internet so I drank the entire thing. I'm so drunk at the current moment.

I Lost Faith in Myself

I was kinda bored a couple days ago and after POWER MASTER posted "I hurt my elf today" in the forums I had an idea and wrote this in about five minutes. Its terrible and since I hate you guys I'm posting it here. Enjoy.

I hurt my elf today
to see if I still heal
I focus on the spell
the only dwarf thats real
the longsword tears a hole
an old, familiar king
I teleported somewhere else
you are still right here
what level have I become?
My sweetest elf
every player I know
logs off in the end
You could have it all
My gold coins and lewt
I will cast a fireball
I will make you soot

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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