We all know that the vast majority of movies out there are either dreadful or boring, and this is all because you jerks keep paying to see lousy movies. In spite of this constant failure, Hollywood still works very hard to make films exciting by filling them with explosions, naked women, and car chases, which of course are the cornerstones of the utopian society we are trying so hard to become. But what would happen if they didn't try at all? This week the Something Awful Forum Goons in conjunction with the Takasukanaki Megacorporation decided to create a wealth of "boring" movies, free from the shackles of Hollywood's bread and circus mentality.

Jer got this week's roller coaster started so big thanks to him! Please enjoy the macaroni salad I am mailing to your house!

staticpat wrote his doctoral thesis on "bat grooming," so he's well qualified for any situation.

I yearn for you tragically, IdeoPraxist!

TheDebian is all bait and no tackle, if you know what I mean and I really don't.

LOO may seem like a nice guy for making us this image, but the truth is his leg is actually caught in a bear trap.

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