This idea came to me while I was walking around in a local dollar store and noticed that they had cheap virgin mary candles. It suddenly dawned on me that even though many religions advocate the sacrifice of material goods, the "sacred" that is applied to most religions keep it from ever being associated with something you can get "at a discount rate".

And yes, that moustache is actually alive, and has its very own little pillow that it sleeps on next to mine. His name is Elijah.

I got this in my mail on tuesday.

It's interesting that programs like friendster and myspace were originally made as a way of forming a community, then it was flushed full of advertising. Some people apparently still use friendster, which I completely forgot I had until I got an email today, and I'm sure they're fine with the ads flying all over the place. But when does it get to be too much?

Plus I think I might be able to go on a date with this manchick.

Sundays have a history of being the "boring" days. Well, I'm here to shake things up and make Sundays the Fundays again! This is a challenge for Terrorsaurus and me, we're going to rock the weekend and shake things up!

I'm gonna start by actually including a picture of me in this, so people know what I look like as a person. I DARE YOU TO DO THE SAME, TERRORSAURUS.

Have a good Sunday.

– Kevin "The Goblin" Wilson

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