To Be Continued...

Zack: Steve, this is too much to cover in one article. We need to save part two for Friday.

Steve: Am I going to get paid double?

Zack: We don't pay you anything.

Steve: That's not fair.

Zack: I wanted to thank you, though. I know you've been busy with bagging salad, but it means a lot to have a D&D expert like you involved in a project like this.

Steve: It's no problem, someone has to be here to stick up for D&D.

Zack: That's not the point. We're supposed to make fun of the dumb monsters.

Steve: Yeah, but you were picking useful ones, like the Lurker. Next time pick something like the Brain Mole.

Zack: Aaand you just ruined Friday's big surprise.

Steve: Oh, I'm sorry! Were we going to do the brain mole?

Zack: Yes. And now we can't. Thanks, Steve.

Steve: I'm sorry!

Zack: I knew I should have convinced Thorpe that it would be worth it to spend a whole night talking about Dungeons & Dragons.

Steve: Can I come back for Friday?

Zack: Yes, you just won't be talking about the Brain Mole.

Steve: Why!?

Zack: You ruined the Brain Mole! No Brain Mole!

– Zack Parsons and Steve "Malak" Sumner (@sexyfacts4u)

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