Custard is the way to go with Tom "Moof" Davies

Livestock: I am working on a new emoticon
Livestock: do you want a preview
Moof: yes please
Livestock: 8-[]
Livestock: what do you think
Moof: :O
Moof: do you think it can be pulled off?
Moof: ???
Livestock: i think so
Moof: if you can pull it off you know it will change everything
Moof: if you fail
Moof: well
Moof: i dont even want to go there
Livestock: i got a donut
Livestock: and inside the donut
Livestock: was not the custard i was counting on
Livestock: but some kind of jam?
Moof: it was a surprise
Livestock: moof i don't need to tell you how horrified i was
Moof: jam donuts are the best kind
Livestock: no custard donuts
Moof: no actually
Livestock: custard
Moof: HBO shows include
Moof: the best dogs in the world
Moof: the best beards in the world
Moof: the biggest apples in the country
Moof: that is all
Livestock: that is not true at all
Moof: maybe we get different programming
Livestock: no bones about it!! custard is the way to go!

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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