Wool Junky, submitted by Panama Red. Meet Eric. Sometime in his early 20s Eric had a personal awakening in which he realized that he liked sweaters. A lot. Watch Eric's fantasies come to life one erotic photo at a time. Fantasies ranging from "wearing sweaters" to "wearing sweater-like garments that are probably sweaters". I really have nothing bad to say about this site. Just when I think it can't get any more awesome it somehow does. It's impossible to read wooljunky.com without gaining an acute understanding of the natural harmony that unites all living beings.

And that is the non-practical side of sweaters. The seductively evil side of sweaters that forces a normal human being to become an obsessed sweater slut like me. Sweater hell, ah what a place! Sweater bondage, sweater torture, forced sweater sissyism, sweater fetish enhancement, abused and embarrassed using sweaters, and absolutely nothing but sweaters. That's a dream of mine believe it or not. To be ruthlessly locked in a room where there was nothing at all but sweaters to wear, sweater work, sweater videos for TV, knitting, and absolutely nothing else but sweaters!

And now if I could only find that controlling dominating sweater mistress to help that scenario come to reality. The one who insists that I live my fetish.

Sweater dominatrix: Put on this sweater. Okay now put on this one. Hey, did I say you could look at me? You're a pretty little princess aren't you? Say it. Say "I'm a pretty little princess."

Eric: You're hired!

– Jedidiah (@notoriousamoeba)

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