A Capital Idea with Tom "Moof" Davies

Moof: ok im listening
Livestock: okay are you sitting down
Moof: yes
Livestock: are you sitting down
Moof: okay wait yes
Livestock: okay you know you can go to a store, right
Livestock: and in the store there is a freezer section
Livestock: okay
Livestock: okay and in that freezer section they have ice creams of different types
Moof: yes ok i am with you
Moof: yes
Livestock: well one kind of ice cream you can buy is neapolitan
Livestock: that's where it has three flavors together
Moof: ok
Livestock: you know strawberry, chocolate, vanilla
Livestock: well i have this idea for neapolitan corndogs
Moof: yes
Livestock: okay the hotdog inside is divided into three sections
Livestock: one is beef, one pork, one turkey
Livestock: so like as you eat this corndog
Livestock: you're getting different meats as you progress through it
Moof: what about chicken
Livestock: well that would be an option too
Livestock: so like you could divide the actual hot dog in 4 sections lengthwise
Livestock: and one section would be beef, the next pork, the next turkey, the next chicken
Moof: what about chocolate
Livestock: well there is no such thing as chocolate hot dogs moof
Moof: so the last one is chocolate it would be be like dessert
Livestock: well i guess
Livestock: i mean that might work
Livestock: but keep in mind this is a corndog
Livestock: a neapolitan corndog
Livestock: what do you think
Moof: that is amazing
Livestock: i thought so as well
Moof: but you cant really call it neapolitan unless it comes from naples are you from naples
Livestock: well the neapolitan ice cream isn't actually from naples
Livestock: i mean maybe it was originally
Livestock: okay but it's been co-opted by the world
Moof: where is it from now
Livestock: from your heart moof
Moof: jesus that's barbaric
Livestock: look inside
Moof: okay 1 second let me get a knife brb
Livestock: wait don't
Moof: ok i am looking but i dont see it
Moof: the walls are made of tree bark and hte lgihts are turning off
Livestock: sweet dreams gentle friend, the rainbow is at your feet

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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