Name: eggp0lish
Quote: "It seems unfortunate that I have once again been passed up for ops in favor of a less qualified individual than myself. Having logged some 40 hours in the channel this week alone, I am therefore qualified to manage things. Fuck you guys and fuck your channel if you think otherwise."
Voted most likely to: get k-lined by his peers.
Clubs: Computer Club
Name: Spockhammer
Quote: "Type !defjam to access over 40 gigs of hip hop, gangsta rap, and unaired episodes of Harsh Realm."
Voted most likely to: have an epileptic seizure in a Wendy's drive-thru line.
Clubs: Computer Club
Name: kidcharybdis
Quote: "I think I've finally talked mom into letting me install unix on her box! w00t!"
Voted most likely to: expire while playing Super Mario Kart.
Clubs: Computer Club
Name: horses4courses
Quote: "/mode +b *@*.* lmao"
Voted most likely to: never make a single human friend until the bitter, weeping-like-a-girl end.
Clubs: Computer Club
Name: @aquariumgravel12
Quote: "If I see another idiot who thinks dubbing doesn't violate the artistic integrity of the original Japanese masters, I'm going to bicycle kick them into oblivion."
Voted most likely to: write a script that automatically checks whether the latest anime fan sub has been released and then update the Window's desktop background with a new screen capture from Azumanga Daioh accordingly.
Clubs: Computer Club
Name: null1f13r
Quote: "I think 16 year olds should be legally allowed to get drunk as fuck the way the Founding Fathers intended, but yeah, anyway, Unix is definitely the best OS. Right on."
Voted most likely to: to moderate an unsuccessful Libertarian forum.
Clubs: Computer Club
Name: AppleMaggot
Quote: "I'll BRB"
Voted most likely to: remain idle for 47 consecutive days.
Clubs: Computer Club
Name: ~gauze~
Quote: "Only a fucking plebian imbecile would still use IE. Go jerk off to the Circus Maximus like the rest of the Bush supporting idiots."
Voted most likely to: became entangled in his own neckbeard hairs, suffocating himself and dying in as sad a manner as humanly possible.
Clubs: Computer Club
Name: Clickhither
Quote: "I've won more Magic Tournaments than I care to remember, and each one has taught me a little something about human nature. Getting women is obviously no problem for me as a result."
Voted most likely to: lose his life by pissing off one dungeon master too many.
Clubs: Computer Club
Name: +codemaster
Quote: "Fuck hacking the planet, hack the universe!"
Voted most likely to: get run over by a turnip truck while carrying on an embarrassing argument about Visual FoxPro, whatever that is.
Clubs: Computer Club
Name: @qtron49
Quote: "oh my god, what is this @ in front of my name? its soooo cute!!"
Voted most likely to: have human sexual relations IRL.
Clubs: Computer Club

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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