Hmm, I'm not sure this is legit - it seems like it might just be appealing to people's greed to get them to act as pointless intermediaries for trivial data.

edit: I've thought about it and realised that its not. Garbling up some links as I type (dual monitor setup) This is my life now. This is what I'm going to do in my life now.

super fly spider guy

Heh, add me to the list of people who were a bit sceptical at first. How could making money at home be THIS EASY!? Let me preface my post by saying: Hey. I'm no expert. I'm a regular guy, just like the OP. But I have read some finance blogs, skimmed some keywords, did some stat searches, collated etc& and the results, well, they speak for themselves:

Damn. I've got my niche, my BLOG and my keywords ["table", "chair" and "other" respectively] and guess what, skeptics? I've already made 5 cents in the first week alone ... jealous yet? PM me if you want to do a cross-promotion think, link4link or whatever, or email me at It's my dad's email address so ask him to pass it along to Hank and ignore any of the stuff he says about me

Funny Dan

I'm honestly not too sure about this OP, It seems too good to be true... I think it's going to take at LEAST another few posts before I accept the entirety of it unequivocally.

Funny Dan

Hmm. Hang on...

Funny Dan

Yep, one more should do it

Funny Dan

There we go. Ok, installing joomla now, after that I'll probably spend some time setting up with amazon affiliates. Can't wait!


It's exciting to think about selling direct from writer to consumer, as a business model; I'm a big fan of the movie "Fight Club" (yeah, yeah, and the book ...) so the idea that you can buy and sell information instead of being subject to an advertiser's whims is kind of cool. I'm also excited by the affiliate link stuff, but for a different, darker reason - one that I may end up taking to my grave.

God bless you, BigMoneyPimp. I'm glad there are still some good hearted people left in this world. I'll say a prayer for you tonight!

shotgun monkey

You idiots are just falling for another hoax. These are nothing new on the internet, morons! Even before pervasive internet access, man has been falling for get-rich-quick schemes since time immemorial. Read this, idiots: [url][/url]. I'll stick to getting money the old fashioned way - by purchasing thousands upon thousands of lottery tickets and rolling around them in a big pile.


the OP was pretty good for starters but I do have a few questions of my own:
1. Would you recommend blogspot or tumblr as a better blog platform? Blogspot, being owned by google, might be better for SEO, but tumblr's social focus might be better in the long run.
2. Sometimes when I close my laptop it turns off and then turns on again and makes the start-up noise, scaring me. Is this a software problem or is the hinge mechanism itself broken?
3. The OP seems to outline a strategy by which I write words (or "content") into a webpage that people read for free, after which money coalesces into a sort of solid mass in my possession. It seems like the best case scenario here is that I make money for making other people's lives quantifiably worse [extra time spent loading webpages, frustration at clogging up search result pages, etc]. This leads me to my third question: what type of yacht should I buy? Something in an M Class would make me stand out, but I'd probably get more use out of a Flybridge, plus I might want to go a little lower key for my first yacht..

Well, thats all the questions I have! Thanks to the OP and all the other helpful posters in this thread. It's kind of inspiring: We're just these people and we can still do it.

TheSpruce Juice


The Spruce Juice has been put on TimeOut for this post. Reason given: You've been warned about this before. PLEASE stop spamming in this thread: it's pretty educational tbqh, and it might be nice to make some pocket cash lol.

– David "g0m" Dolan (@g0m)

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