Gamers worldwide logged onto Xbox Live last week to find that Microsoft had decided to upgrade their dashboard screens, and shamelessly rip off Nintendo's Mii idea. A huge number of people complained that the limited options available meant that every new avatar was going to look terrible, and it would be difficult to make something that you wouldn't be ashamed of. Using this as motivation, the forum goons have been busy creating online virtual identities which may actually look impressive. Did they manage to succeed? Judge for yourself.

AtomicBomber can't wait to take his Gandhi into an online deathmatch.

Biodome decided to go with a House avatar, to match his frightening addiction to pain meds.

It's the belief of Black Swan that kids should be exposed to the harsh realities of crack while they play Uno online, so Amy Winehouse was the obvious choice of avatar.

Chamber 9 hasn't given up on Ron Paul yet!

Remember when Futurama was funny? Coeus does! That's why he created this Fry.

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